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Data Reports

Country Engagement Data

With some advance notice, Public Partnership & Outreach can prepare a briefing sheet for a specific country.  These Data Sheets include some information as international partners, education abroad data and international student enrollment related to the  country.  To request a Country Engagement Data Sheet for any country, email Traci Lacy (tlacy[at]tamu.edu) or call (979) 845-3087.

Samples of past Country Engagement Data Sheets:


National Rankings

Open Doors is a comprehensive annual report published by the Institute of International Education (IIE) released each November, comparing U.S. universities in the number of U.S. students studying abroad and international faculty, scholars, and students coming into the U.S. The links below will lead/redirect users to the most recent public data available at opendoorsdata.org. To access all data, one needs to purchase the full report. Prior to purchasing this report, you may contact Public Partnership & Outreach, who has access to all annual reports since 1975. For peer comparison, use the links below to view Vision 2020 Comparison Charts:

Leading Institutions By Institutional Type/Duration: Use the down-arrows to select the Academic Year; Institution Type: Doctorate Granting; Study Abroad Duration: Short-Term Duration.

Leading Institutions Hosting International Students

Institutions Hosting International Scholars  

Study Abroad National Rankings:


Other Data Sources