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Create Student Programs

New Program Development:

International experiences are an important part of graduate and undergraduate education. High-impact global experiences enable students to see their major, discipline, or research in a broader context, and enhance their future employment opportunities. With the support of their departments and International Agreement Representatives, faculty create the most successful international experiences. Listed below are the many different types of programs that can also be found in the Education Abroad website

Education Abroad Program Types - (Current types: Affiliate Providers, Exchange, National Student Exchange (NSE), Faculty-led, Field Trip, Student Group, Independent Travel, and Virtual)

Degree Programs with Institutional Partners:

Degrees granted in conjunction with another accredited university. Coursework from both institutions count toward the degree and both institution names appear on the degree. More about Joint Degrees.

Coursework completed counts for degrees at two accredited universities. Students receive diplomas from each university separately. More about Dual Degrees


Create an Agreement:
If you wish to create a program abroad for students, you may need to create an International Service Provider (ISP) agreement.  An ISP may either be U.S. or foreign vendors (e.g. a university, travel agent, hotel, study abroad program provider, etc.) who provide services necessary to implement all or part of a student program abroad by providing food, housing, excursions, and other program logistics. They may also be contracted to facilitate conferences, meetings, or other international activities related to faculty scholarship and research.