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Global Signature Partnerships

Texas A&M University has many different educational and research partnerships in facilities located outside of the United States utilized by university colleges and institutes. Among these are signature partnerships created in a collaboration with a partner around the globe as listed below:


  • Santa Chiara (Italy) - A partner for over 30 years, this turnkey operation supports student programs in Italy, focusing primarily on art, architecture, liberal arts, and education; although, virtually every college has sent programs to the location. 
  • Soltis Center for Research & Education (Costa Rica) – Owned and operated by Texas A&M University, the center’s mission is to serve as the official institutional representation in Costa Rica to assist in the internationalization of education, research, and outreach programs in support of the university’s goals. The center supports the University’s initiatives in Costa Rica and throughout Central America. (Global Faculty Advocates
  • Hacienda Santa Clara (Mexico) – Centro Estudios e Investigaciόn Santa Clara, Sociedad Civil (S.C.), better known at Hacienda Santa Clara is a turnkey operation that can host academic & other events located just outside of the city of San Miguel de Allende, a UNESCO World Heritage location.