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Community of Respect


The Community of Respect (COR) program is a nationally recognized training program designed to prepare people with greater intercultural awareness and competence. Using an international intercultural communication framework COR is not limited to American versus international interactions; it deals with understanding intra-American cultural similarities and differences as well. We offer four types of training:

6 - 8 Hour Workshop
Half-day Seminar
1.5 - 2 Hour Program
Classroom Programs for Students

Arranging for a seminar:
  • Next Community of Respect Seminar - TBD
  • Next On Campus Half-day Cultural Awareness Seminar Offering - TBD
  • All Other Types of Programs: 
    • Contact Suzanne Droleskey at sdroleskey@tamu.edu or 979-862-6700 to set up a private seminar or other program for your group.

Why should you consider Community of Respect Training?
  • ‚ÄčTo increase your cultural competence: Learn how culture influences behavior, how to identify communication differences, relationship building, and much more.
  • To gain tools & strategies: For use in cross-cultural communication and handling potential cultural misunderstandings.
  • It's Interactive: Engage in cultural awareness activities that are enlightening and stimulating.
  • Convenience: Receive on-site training seminars or workshops at your workplace.
Trainer Corps
Texas A&M University faculty and staff who have completed Train-the-Trainer programs may volunteer to participate in the Community of Respect Trainer Corps, who deliver these training programs with the Training Specialist, Dr. Suzanne Droleskey (sdrokesley@tamu.edu).  
Trainer Corps Members  

Train-the-Trainer Workshop
Learn how to teach diversity and cross-cultural communication to your particular audience. Train-the-trainer workshops are highly interactive and designed to help intercultural practitioners such as managers, consultants, and staff developers who are responsible for presenting diversity training in their workplaces. Each training participant receives resource materials that will help them create a diversity program that fits their audience's needs. Continuing Education Units are available upon request with an additional payment. Workshops are offered occasionally, when there is sufficient interest and may be provided on or off campus. Space is limited to 15 participants per workshop.  To gain a more full understanding of the workshop curriculum, contact Dr. Suzanne Droleskey at 979-862-6700 or by email at sdroleskey@tamu.edu.