Supervised Direct Enrollment Programs

In this type of program, a group of students, or a consistent flow of students from a particular department or academic major, study at a foreign institution together. These programs are designed to build upon and enhance existing academic ties between faculty at Texas A&M and overseas programs. For example, department A might want to complement their existing curriculum by consistently sending students for a semester to study with colleagues in Institution B, which offers both an international experience as well as complementary curriculum offerings. The advantage of such a program is that it provides an international experience in which the student’s courses will fit well within the academic major, and thus easily transfer back to Texas A&M. This program also allows for a deepening of international academic and research collaborations between Texas A&M and the overseas institution. These programs are facilitated by the Education Abroad office and the students’ department or college. The credits earn overseas transfer back to Texas A&M to count towards the student’s degree plan.  

It is important to determine whether this type of program will best fit a department’s needs. Furthermore, the workload of implementing these types of programs is often divided between an academic department and the Education Abroad Office. Departments will want to understand what options for assistance are available. For more details, contact the Director of the Education Abroad Office at abroad[at] or 979.845.0544.
  • Texas A&M Foreign University Partners
    • Ideally, such a program would be developed in the context of a pre-existing relationship between Texas A&M faculty and those at a foreign institution. In this case, the Texas A&M faculty and advisors would specify which courses would transfer back, and specify the anticipated goals of the program. When it is necessary, a formal Memorandum of Agreement can be developed that will outline the goals and expectations of such a relationship. While it may not always be necessary to have a formal Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) in place to facilitate transfer credit programs, it may be important if a department wants to create a long term option for all students in a degree program. To identify whether there is an existing institutional agreement between Texas A&M and a specific institution abroad, please check the International Agreement Database.
    • When no such prior relationship exists, staff can assist the department in identifying appropriate international partners and assist in the development of the partnership. Generally speaking, however, expanding the relationship Texas A&M University or our faculty have with an existing partner institution abroad is often easier than trying to build a new relationship.
  • Faculty interested in exploring such options should consult their college international agreements representative. For general questions about how to expand existing partnerships or create new ones, please contact Traci Lacy at 979.862.6700 or tlacy[at]
  • Such a program might also be developed with Texas A&M Affiliates.
    • Texas A&M has partnered with third party education abroad providers (who provide logistical and advising services) that have agreements with foreign and US universities (who provide the academic programs abroad). These affiliates have been vetted and reviewed by Texas A&M faculty, staff, and administrators for both quality of academic programs and quality of support services. The affiliate serves as a bridge between Texas A&M and the entity providing the academic courses. For more details about existing affiliated providers, contact the Education Abroad Office at abroad[at] or 845-0544.
Templates for Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) and contracts with foreign vendors, delegation of authority to sign such documents, standard operating procedures, and processes occasionally change. Therefore, it would be beneficial to seek advice early about creating such agreements with foreign entities. Questions about this may be directed to Suzanne Droleskey at sdroleskey[at] or 979.845.3099.