Hosting Delegation FAQs

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IS it okay if my office invites foreign visitors to campus?

Yes.  We encourage departments, colleges, and schools to collaborate with foreign partners, but please remember that not all visitors may be able to enter the US.  Please ensure that before they are invited, your office conducts an export control review on all potential visitors.

Do I need to notify someone if I invite a foreign delegation to visit TAMU?

Yes.  Please notify the Department of Global Engagement by completing this form as far in advance of the visit as possible.  We have templates and guidelines for hosting these delegations that may be very helpful.

Will Global Engagement help to host a delegation that my office invites?

Not typically.  If the visitor is a government minister or the Vice President for Strategic and Academic Collaboration needs to take part in the visit, Global Engagement or other offices may need to assist with the visit.  But, Global Engagement has a variety of resources that can assist departments that are hosting visitors and we are happy to advise on issues.

Are there central resources to help pay for hosting visitors?

No.  The inviting department is responsible for these costs.

Does Global Engagement have official university gifts we can request to give visitors?

No.  But we can provide advice about types of gifts to consider.

There is a university requirement to notify the Government Relations Office if federal and state officials are visited or coming to campus.  Do we need to notify them about a visit to or hosting of foreign government officials?

No.  But please notify the Department of Global Engagement if you are visiting with foreign government officials so we can synergize that visit if there are others on campus who are already working with this partner or who may have an interest in working with these partners in the future.  Please notify the Department of Global Engagement by completing this form as far in advance of the visit as possible.  We have templates and guildelines for hosting these delegations that may be very helpful.

Does the University have country flags we can borrow?

Yes, the Department of Global Engagement has flags you can borrow and poles, bases, and flag toppers (stars, spears, etc. to dress up the top of the flag).  To reserve specific flags, please complete this form. This form also contains a list of flags we have available.  If you find that a flag you need is not listed on this page, you will be asked to name additional countries needed and we will contact you to discuss this.  Please allow for at least a week in advance to reserve flags.  For those reserving flags, we will supply you with flag protocols related to how to appropriately display flags.

How much time does it take to get an agreement ready to be signed by a delegation in a signing ceremony during their visit?

You should allow about 4 weeks before the intended date of the signing ceremony if you use TAMU pre-approved templates.  Even if you allow this much time, it is still possible it may not be ready because of negotiations and reviews that must take place both at Texas A&M and the partner institution.  If you are less than 2 months out to the visit, your best option is to sign a general Memoranda of Understanding and create a more detailed agreement later. 

Does Global Engagement have templates for itineraries, background information, runs of show and other aspects of delegation visits?

Yes. You may access these on our website.

Does Global Engagement have a checklist of things we need to remember when we have visitors we are hosting?

Yes.  You may access thse on our website. 

One of our visitors has requested a letter of invitation.  What is this and can my department issue it?

Typically, international visitors need documentation of why they are coming to the US on business at the Port of Entry to the US or to obtain a visa to enter the US at a US embassy or consulate abroad.  The letter may be written and signed by your department or dean and should contain information about the business that you intend to cover as well as the dates of the visit.  Before you send a letter of invitation, be sure that the visitor has been cleared by the Export Control Office screening process. Global Engagement has a template that may be helpful.

Is there anything that we should know about food choices for foreign visitors?

Yes.  In addition to dietary restrictions for medical reasons, there are dietary restrictions for religious and cultural reasons.  And these restrictions may exist for beverages as well as for foods.  Be sure to ask your guests well in advance if there are foods or beverages that some or all members of the delegation cannot eat or drink.  As a rule of thumb, if you have a reception, label foods so people know what they are being served. 

Do all foreign visitors to campus need to be screened by Export Control?

Yes.  If you need assistance with this, contact the Export Control Office ( or call 979-862-6419)

Are there some countries that Texas A&M is not allowed to create partnerships with?

There is not a specific list, but there are some countries that are considered high risk for collaborations or global engagement.  Because the status of such countries constantly shifts, it is best to contact the Export Control Office ( or call 979-862-6419) for advice about a country in which you have interest.